Glenda was born in Seneca, South Carolina to Doyle and Leola Cantrell Whitehead.  She grew up on a farm in Seneca and is truly an Oconee County girl.  She attended schools in Seneca and graduated from Seneca High School in 1961.

David Harold Winchester and Glenda Gail Whitehead were united in marriage in February, 1963 at Hopewell Baptist Church in Seneca.  In August of 1963 they were living in Greenville, South Carolina where they were both initiated into the Order of the Eastern Star.

After living many years in Greenville, they built a house in Six Mile, South Carolina in April, 1977 to be closer to Harold’s family.  However, they both still worked in Greenville.

In June, 1978 Glenda was elected Worthy Grand Matron of South Carolina and presided at the “Sailing Star Session” in 1979.  Harold was elected Worthy Grand Patron in 1988.

Glenda has served in various positions in the Order of the Eastern Star in South Carolina which includes her chapter and Grand Chapter.  She has served the General Grand Chapter as an Assembly Page, GGCCM, GGCO, RWG Treasurer, RWAGC, and RWGC.

She is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University.  During her career as an accountant, she received recognition for outstanding contributions in the workplace.  She retired after thirty-five years of working in Greenville to be near her parents.

In November 2012 at the 47th General Grand Chapter Triennial Assembly held in Fort Worth, Texas, Sister Glenda was elected Right Worthy Associate Grand Conductress of General Grand Chapter.  She has been marching forward toward 2021-2024 since with time quickly passing. Glenda states that “with faith and hope in God and support of the Band of Stars, she will continue to march in-step toward the position of Most Worthy Grand Matron 2021-2024.”

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