This procedure provides instructions for adding content files (images and/or PDF documents) to the website.

Procedure Summary

  • Log-in to the website
  • Navigate to the media Library
  • Add content files
  • Log-out from the website

Log-in to the website

  • Navigate to the website home page 
  • Click the log in link at the right end of the info bar below the main menu
  • Log in to the website using your assigned credentials

Navigate to the media library

  • Click MEDIA in the left-hand navigation menus
  • Click ADD NEW button located to the right of the Media Library Header name at the top left of the page

Add content files

  • Drag-and-drop and/or click the select files button to add your content files to the website
  • Your files will appear in the gallery of content shown below the add-files area

Log out from the website

  • Scroll over your name in the upper-right corner of the screen where it indicates “Howdy <name>”
  • Select and click the log out link

Page last updated 09//28/2020